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Check back here for updates on when the show will be broadcasting Live and in the meantime enjoy some Ravenwood Radio TV! If you have any trouble viewing video or chatting here, use this link to visit our Livestream Page directly.

Chat Room Rules

1. No Spamming

2. No Posting Links

3. No Cursing – Keep All Chat PG-Rated

4. Questions will be taken during the show – please do not repeat them, once is enough

5. We will answer as many questions as time permits, but not all chat room questions will be answered

6. Do not impersonate others with your username

7. No sharing of personal information, including usernames from accounts on other sites

8. No sharing or requesting True Friend Codes

9. Please use your wizard name in the chat room unless you have a commonly accepted nickname in the community

Most of all, BE RESPECTFUL. Whether it’s with Ravenwood Radio staff, other listeners, Kings Isle or yourself, we don’t condone and will not tolerate trolling or destructive behaviour.

Breaking any of these rules may result in the offender being muted temporarily or permanently depending on the severity of the infraction. It’s our intention to make the chat room a fun place to hang out and enjoy the show, and while we don’t want to be overly restrictive, we feel these are a reasonable set of rules to make sure everyone has a fun, safe chat room experience. Thank you!