My Best Friend

lifeschooldoodleThe Friendship Festival has begun! KingsIsle’s nod to Valentine’s Day got started this week, meaning Valentina Heartsong has arrived in the Spiral with all sorts of Valentine-themed gear for sale. It also means we’ve got plenty of stuff to give away, and you just might win yourself a two(or three)-person mount! More after the jump…


How better to celebrate the Friendship Festival than to go for a ride on a multi-person mount with your BFF? Ravenwood Radio wants to help you out. We’ve got multi-person mounts of every stripe! Blood Ravens! Great Hornocerous! Hydras! Malorian Dragons! Scarydactyls! Winter Treants! Phoenix! T-Rex! Skyvern! Here’s how you can win one for yourself and for your best friend.

Send an e-mail to with the subject FRIEND CONTEST and tell us not only who your best friend in the Spiral is, but why do they deserve that distinction? We’ll pick ten twenty winners at random and send each winner two codes – one for themselves and one for their best friend. Each code will be good for one multi-person mount selected at random by the Ravenwood Radio staff.

The contest ends at 12:01AM Central on Wednesday, February 13. Make sure to use the subject FRIEND CONTEST, include your wizard name and explain why your best friend in the Spiral deserves that position! Good luck!

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7 Responses to “My Best Friend”

  1. icecream says:

    distinction? Oh and sorry about the other post :(

  2. Adara says:

    I chose Tatiana Dragonblade as my BFF in the spiral. I say that because Tatiana helps me with my quests if I need help. She also breeds pets with me. Tatiana is soo nice to me. That is why I want my BFF, Tatiana Dragonblade, to win this contest.

    Kelly Moonblossom

    • Stephen says:

      Guys, you want to e-mail these responses to us! Send them to podcast(at)ravenwoodradio dot com with the subject FRIEND CONTEST and be sure to include your wizard name. Entries we receive through comments won’t be considered, and we want to make sure everyone gets a shot!


  3. dustin says:


    me and my friend deserve mounts because me and him play all the time on w101 but he got false reported and had to make a new account so he deserves one

  4. Austin Pruitt says:

    my best friend in the whole spiral is my friend kyle. Kyle and I are really close friends and its all because of wizard101. we went to the same school together not super good friends but we knew of each other, then we were at the same lunch table one day and everyone was talking about wizard101 because we seen the comercials, and everyone wanted to meet somewhere and add each other. and when kyle and i went to add each other we happened to already be friends on wizard101! it was so weird. and now we are best friends at scholl and we are also neighbors with each other. and he still comes over all the time to play wizard101 with me and we always play together. and if it wasnt for wizard101 kyle and i would still not be as close as we are today. so thank you wizard101.


  5. Angel PixieDust says:

    My best friend is Aaron,he is life wizard who like to loot the pagoda.Thought I don’t reguarly do that with him but we do talk a lot!I even know he lived under my country.We usually do Practise Pvp together so I if I win ill try hard to give the code to him.

    • Stephen says:

      Once again, please e-mail your entries to us. Entries posted in comments will not be considered for the contest! Thanks!

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