Hawkrider Bundle Contest!

Care to win yourself a Hawkrider Bundle? It’s easy! You’ve just gotta reach back in time to when life was a little more totally tubular…

1980seracommRemember this? The Commodore 64 home computer? If you do, chances are you’re a child of the 1980s! In honor of Ravenwood Radio’s 80th episode, we’re reaching back to the time of Michael Jackson and miniskirts for a contest.

The 1980s is known for all sorts of music – some great, some not-so-great, some…really not-so-great. So what’s your favorite?

E-mail podcast@ravenwoodradio.com with the title and artist of your favorite 1980s song. Use the subject 80′s CONTEST and BE SURE AND INCLUDE YOUR WIZARD NAME! (I had to throw out about a half-dozen entries on our last show because they didn’t have a wizard name – not at all cool.) Keep in mind that ONLY e-mailed entries will be considered. Comments to this post don’t count as entries to the contest.

I realize a lot of y’all have little to no exposure to 80′s music, and that’s okay. Researching this won’t be hard. Talk to your folks or an older relative. I promise you they’ll have a few suggestions. Worst case scenario…Google it.

The deadline is 12:01AM on the morning of Wednesday, February 27. We’re gonna pick three winners at random to be announced on¬†episode 81 of Ravenwood Radio. Each winner will¬†receive a code for a Hawkrider bundle! Chris and I will also award a small prize to anyone who should match our own personal 80′s faves. Good luck!


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6 Responses to “Hawkrider Bundle Contest!”

  1. Amber Firesword says:

    So winners that won the friendship festival contest can’t enter in this? :O

  2. Miranda LightSpear says:

    “12:01 in the morning…” Ha-Ha! I think that was just for me, thanks!

  3. Taylor Blade says:

    Is the contest over?

  4. Taylor Blade says:

    what title shud we put?

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