A note about contests…

Every single time we run a contest, we get the question, “Where/when/how will you announce the winners?” I’ve answered it via comment replies, e-mail and Twitter. I’m hoping this post will put those questions to rest for good.

We announce our contest winners on the podcast. There are three ways to access the podcast:

1) Listen to it live every other Wednesday at 8:45pm Central right here at ravenwoodradio.com

2) Download it from iTunes – the podcast is usually made available 3 or 4 days after the recording date

3) Download it from the web site – we usually create a post on the site from which you can download or stream the podcast

That’s it. 95% of the time we do not post contest winners in a blog post. A podcast differs from a blog in that our primary method of communicating with the community is via the podcast. The blog is supplemental; for our purposes it’s just not as important as the podcast. I hope this answers that question once and for all.

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  1. Vijeyta says:

    Welcome Sara! I know you will be great! LadyofBlades I wish you farewell.

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