Reaching the Hosts

So are you looking to communicate with just one of us? Sometimes maybe you just want to get a message to me and sometimes maybe just to Christina – I can understand that. Now you can!

My address:

Christina’s address:

The show’s address:


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  1. PatrickGriffinRidr17 says:

    Hey, would you guys mind checking out Wiz Magazine? You can find all 4 issues so far right here:
    New issues are made weekly, and as I said before, there are only 4 so far, but many planned to come. This covers most of the spiral, including: news, jokes, parties, gardening, featured houses, featured spells, interviews and more! Please check it out, and if you guys discussed it, it would really help this grow in popularity.
    Thanks in advance, and if you are to reply to me, it is preferred you private message me on central at “PatrickGriffinRidr17″

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