Epic Bundle Contest

Remember the Epic Bundle? The Gryphon mount and the Massive Fantasy Palace? That card’s retired now, no longer available…unless you win one from us. Interested? Keep going…

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Ahh yes, the good old Epic Bundle – the one that started it all, right? Well we’ve got ‘em, and we’re giving away three on our very next episode. How do you win? Piece of cake.

Send an e-mail to podcast@ravenwoodradio.com and let us know just what your wizard wants for the holidays. Maybe it’s crowns, maybe it’s pets, maybe a new home…just what do you hope to find wrapped up with a bow as the month rolls on? Use the subject ‘EPIC CONTEST’ and be sure to include your wizard name in the e-mail! We’ll pick three of them and give them away on Ravenwood Radio 77 on December 19th. Good luck!

Big thanks to KI for making this trip down memory lane possible!

(Remember, if you’ve won a prize from RR in the past 30 days (not including a Staff of the Imperator – those are outside this restriction), you’re not eligible for the contest. Don’t worry…plenty more to come over the next few months.)


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19 Responses to “Epic Bundle Contest”

  1. Lawrence naraine says:

    If someone wins a code do you send it to their email or do they have to listen to the next episode, i’m kinda confused.

    • Shreyas says:

      They send it to the winner’s email, because they only say who won what on their episodes, not the codes, because then, somebody else will try and use that code before the winner does.

  2. Hi,

    I wish to win the Epic Bundle since I could not have it online (I live in Canada).

    Thank you

    Merry Christmas

    • Stephen says:

      Make sure you follow the instructions for entering the contest – commenting on this post doesn’t get you entered into the random drawing! Good luck!

  3. i love the house thats why i wanna win it

  4. Rennard -_- says:

    Do you guys send back emails to the winners?

  5. Sam says:

    When will you send the codes

  6. Duncan StormThief says:

    I didn’t make it to the show, can you please tell me who where the winners, my younger brother applied.

  7. Shreyas says:

    Who were the winners?; the video doesn’t work for me

  8. Lady Jasmine says:

    who were the winners please?

    i do not see any names.


    • Stephen says:

      We announce our winners on the podcast. While there will be occasional exceptions to this practice, our policy is to recognize our winnners on the podcast, which records live every other Wednesday and is released on iTunes and on ravenwoodradio.com the following weekend.

      All winners are notified by e-mail.

  9. Taylor Blade says:


    Are you going to send the winner the code on the email from which we have entered it here for leaving a reply?


    Happy New Year!

    • Stephen says:

      We usually reply directly to the winning e-mail, so you’ll want to make sure you send your entry from an e-mail address at which you can also receive incoming e-mail.

  10. Taylor Blade says:

    And pls wizard101 put some permanent mount codes soon as New year’s soon :P

  11. Taylor Blade says:


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